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April 26, 2010


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Holy smokes -- that looks challenging. I would be cranky for the entire 30 days... Still, I will be very interested in how you are feeling. Great blog, btw. Thanks for keeping it!


I agree with Erin - I think it would be very challenging to keep it up...but is there any limit to how much you can eat?? As long as it is 'good' food, I wonder if we can have all we want?? The zone was tough for me since I was hungry all the time and 'limited' to a certain number of blocks. - so maybe this is tougher due to food choice, but easier due to amount you can eat. BTW Enjoy the pizza!

aaron anderson

you know i am always looking for ways to keep my bg's low. I thought if it would be ok with you we would both do the program.


Erin - Thanks!
@Steve - They say to focus on food "quality" for 30 days. No weighing and measuring, yay! Although that can be dangerous so I'm trying to at least be aware of how much.
@Aaron - Would love to have someone do it with me! Keep me posted on how you are doing.

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